SCRAM Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (CAM)

Bracelet SteinProntoTrak is Georgia’s strategic provider of SCRAM CAM, the world’s most widely used and trusted 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system. With the flip of a switch, optional house arrest can be added for increased supervision.
Since becoming an Authorized SCRAM Systems Service Partner in 2012, we have monitored over 4,300 clients, taken over 16 million alcohol tests and our clients have had 97.4% Sober Days while being monitored.


How Does Transdermal work?

If you’ve ever noticed the aroma coming from someone who drank alcohol the night before, then you already have a basic understanding of the science behind transdermal alcohol monitoring.
While the technology that allows the SCRAM bracelet to effectively test and report alcohol consumption based on transdermal testing is relatively new, the science of transdermal testing is not. Transdermal—or literally “through the skin”—has been known for decades as a reliable way to transport substances, both through absorption and excretion. 1% of alcohol is released through the skin through insensible perspiration and detected by the transdermal testing.

Benefits of SCRAM CAM

  • Conclusively distinguishes between alcohol consumption and environmental alcohol sources
  • Independently tested and court-validated. Single-source admissibility—no back-up tests required
  • Proven to support true behavior change in alcohol-dependent clients
  • A validated alternative to incarceration to allow clients to remain in the community and meet their work and family obligations
  • Continuous testing every 30-minutes means no drinking around test schedules

Where SCRAM CAM is most effective

  •  Hard-core DUI offenders
  •  Repeat offender
  • Hi BAC at time of arrest
  • Domestic violence cases where alcohol was a contributing factor
  • Cases where recidivism has been a problem

How does it solve the court’s needs?

  •  Constantly monitors for the use of alcohol every 30 minutes
  •  Reports show SCRAM device is also a strong deterrent to drinking
  • Much more effective than traditional breathalyzers; monitors 24 hours a day
  • More secure than traditional breathalyzers; device is attached to the offender’s ankle, so another individual cannot test for them
  • Reports indicate any tampering with the bracelet, such as obstruction or removal
  • Manufacturer personnel are available for any court proceedings where expert testimony is required to support violation notifications