In-Home Breathalyzers

In-Home BreathalyzerProntoTrak also provides traditional in-home alcohol monitoring. These units include a breathalyzer that communicates test results to a monitoring center, as well as a digital camera that confirms the identity of the tested individual. With a schedule set up by the court or probation officer, the system calls the offender at pre-set times. This ensures sobriety compliance, as well as mandatory curfew check ins.

Where is In-Home Alcohol Monitoring used best?

  • DUI offenders
  • Domestic violence cases where alcohol has played a contributing factor
  • Any other cases where alcohol contributed to the offense
  • Cases where house arrest and alcohol are both required
  • Alcohol Monitoring for offenders with diabetes or who are pregnant

How does it solve the court’s needs?

  • Gives courts alternative to incarceration
  • Provides reports to court personnel
  • Enforces no-alcohol provision and house arrest

ProntoTrak personnel are available for any court proceedings where testimony is required to support violation notification .

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